By: ThisCrazyLife

The ReFre5her

The ReFre5her gives you access to the parameters that create the images for The Refresh CNFT. Allowing you to create your own color palettes and designs, similar to what the Nervous Unsig Combinator is to Unsigs.
are able to set how many gradients are in the background as well as their colors. You can change the design line color and width and even remove the design and just have gradients if you want.
The Refresher unlocks the full potential of The Refresh CNFT and turns you into the artist!
The sale was open for three weeks.

Crazy Patternz

Crazy Patternz is a Javascript based NFT, 250 1:1s with 5 different styles. One style has intricate patterns, one is animated, and three of them are different variations of layered patterns. These can only be obtained by winning a contest or giveaway, they are not for sale. There is a 10% royalty on the policy.

Jingle Fresh

The Jingle Fresh is a Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year themed version of The Refresh. There are five different versions, Merry Christmas, Christmas Lights, Happy Hanukkah, Hanukkah Gelt, and Fireworks. They were available for three weeks during the 2021 holidays.


The CreepFresh is a Halloween themed limited edition version of The Refresh that consists of five 1:1s. The titles were Haunted Night, Creepy Clown, Jack-O-lantern, Cemetery, and Wicked Witch. They were only available for purchase via auction.

The Refresh

JavaScript based programmatic interactive art. The code generates a new design and gradient background with each refresh of the page. The Refresh was broken up into three waves on different days. There are 10k NFTs and it sold out in less than 24hrs between all three days.

Powered by Cardano

Cardano is a next generation blockchain that in my opinion will be running smart cities all over the world and Powered by Cardano is my vision of that. This exciting digital art drop sold out in 24hrs.

Going for #1

When this drop was live Cardano had not yet released smart contracts but they were on the horizon. I created this commemorative NFT to celebrate the occasion. This digital art drop fired up and sold out in the couple weeks leading to the successful launch of smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain.

Burning Questions

We all have them inside, those questions burning deep in our souls. Some of them can bring us to the brink of madness as the sizzling of our core fills our heads with clouds of smoke. This digital art NFT was my way of portraying that feeling. Burning Questions sold out in a few weeks after the sale went live.