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Thanks for stopping by my page. Everything I do NFT related can be found on this site. Whether you're looking for info about "The Refresh" project, drops I have going on, past projects, latest news, or my policies, you came to the right place. I'll update things as frequently as necessary to keep you in the know about ThisCrazyLife. If you have any questions about something you can't find here get in touch with me from the social media links below. My DMs are always open!

So far everything I've dropped has been digital art using different programs but my next project "The Refresh" is code based. I worked a ton over the last four or five months and created quite a few NFTs to drop. I'll probably be dropping one a month or so but going forward I'm much more interested in doing code based fully onchain art and will be focusing on that.

Thanks again for stopping by! See you at my next drop!

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